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Feb 18, 2019

What are the elements of strategic planning especially in the middle of a business turnaround, buy/sell phase, or business reorganization?  Guest, Frank O'Donnell, Managing Partner of Biltmore Consultants has more than 30 years experience focusing on Corporate Transformations and Enterprise-wide strategic planning by providing expertise for boards and senior executives.  This podcast reviews the Elements of Strategic Planning.

More about Frank:

He develops and implements programs that preserve shareholder equity. He is uniquely skilled in financial products, financial restructuring and strategic, operational and organizational transformations.

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BAMM-IT is produced and hosted by John Michael Kledis, EA, CFE, CVA of Peridot Consulting, Inc. and Mari Peterson of Marketing Outpost.  We discuss all things Business, Accounting, Management, Marketing and IT from the perspective of business owners and consultants who work with other business owners.