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Nov 18, 2019

This podcast is a little different - it's what happens when you interview bar owners and a music producers and you do it over drinks in a bar.  In between the sounds of downtown traffic and sirens, you get the nitty gritty from Charlie Hodge, owner of Sovereign Remedies (craft cocktail bar and farm-to-table restaurant), Morgan Hickory (co-owner with Charlie of Ole Shakeys and co-owner of Charlie's latest creation, Asheville Beauty Academy) and Lenny Pettinelli, pianist, keyboardist and producer of Empire Strikes Brass.

In a short 1 hr and 20 minutes, we cover, cuss and drink our way through these important questions:

  • Why did they choose Asheville and how did they choose their business?
  • What is it like to start a business in Asheville?
  • What are the challenges and rewards (what do they hate vs. love about it)?
  • How has technology helped or hurt?
  • What do they see for the future of their businesses in Asheville and their industry?
  • What advice would they give to others who want to do the same?

And of course, there's a discussion on how to properly pronounce Pianist.