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Feb 25, 2019

Budgeting is a misunderstood concept.  It is actually a powerful tool that can enhance your life and your relationships and help you achieve the true financial success you desire.

For business owners, your Quickbooks reports is NOT a budget.  

For individuals and families, a budget is not a checking account statement.

A budget is a pre-planning tool that is successful when you employ the practice of Zero Based Budgeting.  If you budget properly as a business owner, it will enhance your personal life and will help you achieve long term goals.

In this episode, Camille defines what a budget is, how to avoid common budgeting mistakes and how you can sustain a budget and achieve financial success.

Who is Camille?

Camille Stimach is a partner with Peridot Consulting Inc.  She is a financial leader and budget specialist who assists clients in obtaining financial stability by helping them organize their finances, advise on credit repair, assist with budgeting, future planning, daily money management, debt consolidation, and creating savings plan. Camille has 25 years experience in all areas of the financial world ranging from bookkeeping, mortgages, budget and finance, banking, investing to providing financial workshops for various non profit.